Gogo Getaway | After Hours

Those of you who attend residential scrapbooking retreats will know that sticking and gluing goes on well in to the wee small hours.  Most people bring along their own projects to work on (I started work on this year’s December Daily), but for those who hadn’t, the GoGo Getaway ladies had two self-paced classes available.

The first class, Colourful Cuts, came with a video from a distant guest designer, Virginia Walker. I completed this class, but my finished page looks nothing like the example, because the photos I used were much larger than those used by the designer.

What you can’t really see from the image above is just how grubby the cut files of linked hearts are. While I like the rainbow effect, I found the whole ‘cutting and sticking’ stage to be infuriating and ended up with glue where it wasn’t supposed to be and grey smudges where I’d tried to clean it up.

By the time I began the Happy Harmony class, it was after 11 pm. I kept thinking to myself, “I’ll just add one more portion of the colour wheel …” Each coloured segment is stuck down with between six and twelve 3D foam pads. Towards 1 am, when I could barely see straight, I called it time and left the layout ready for the stitching, the final embellishments and photo to be added in the morning.

It was only then that I noticed my mistake …

Back at my work space after breakfast Sunday morning, I decided that the mistake wasn’t that obvious, That it could, in actual fact, become a design feature …

Have you spotted where I went wrong?

10 thoughts on “Gogo Getaway | After Hours

  1. Well, I had to read all the way down through the comments to The Big Reveal to find out what your ‘mistake’ was – and I really hadn’t noticed :). I am in awe of so much careful colour-backing and glueing – I don’t think I would have the patience – and it’s really effective. I especially like the top page; bigger photos can only be good.

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