Gogo Getaway | The Classes

There is always a well thought out class timetable for a GoGo weekend, where delegates chose their classes in advance. Each class has three choice and are graded in technical difficulty. Of the five classes I took, I think 4 were intermediate and one was advanced.

Friday night’s class involved paint and a lot of fussy cutting … fussy cutter’s finger is a thing … and was perfect for my GodDaughter’s back-to-school photos.

Saturday morning’s class involved more fussy cutting, hand cut circles and paint splatters … perfect for that wedding.

Saturday afternoon’s class was perhaps the most ambitious class I took … paint and hand drawn doodling. It was also the only double spread class on offer over the weekend and because of that, it was ideal for photos from our half-term travels (more on those coming soon).

Sunday morning’s class was all about paint (are you detecting a theme?), hand cut hearts and layering … and was perfect for a photo of our great nephews.

The final class on Sunday afternoon involved hand cut layered flowers and also worked well with another photo of our great nephews.

The floor of the hotel’s dining room was an ideal space for photographing layouts, but by the time I got around to the final spread, the light was fading and shadows were forming.

13 thoughts on “Gogo Getaway | The Classes

  1. Gorgeous layouts. I always look on fussy cutting as a form of therapy! It’s relaxing and absorbing, perfect stress buster. I love how colorful the layouts are. They suit each of your photos.

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    1. I agree that fussy cutting can be relaxing. 🙂 The layouts are very colourful, aren’t they, and I think I was lucky in my choice of photo(s) for each class.


  2. Great (new) skills in painting & fussing cutting … all those layouts become treasures in the albums but also for the people in the photos. Yeah to learning new techniques to enrich you already fantastic scrapping style.

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