A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need

I was perusing the confectionery aisle in the supermarket when a small voice in my head said, “So what if Jelly Babies are on offer, you don’t need them”. I bought them anyway, ate too many in one sitting and gave myself a sugar-overload headache.

Did I really need them?

That’s when I gave myself a talking to and set a challenge for February (it helps that February is the shortest month of the year) …

No buying anything I don’t truly need.

My list included:

  1. tea/coffee, with a notable exception allowed.
  2. magazines
  3. chocolate/sweets/biscuits
  4. clothes
  5. books
  6. random online shopping. Amazon, I’m looking at you

I’m interested to see how the next few weeks will pan out, and I’ll be reporting back here, keeping myself accountable, towards the end of the month.


7 thoughts on “A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need

  1. I’ve seen a few people who are determined to ‘shop from their wardrobe’ and look through for things you haven’t worn for a while rather than buy something new this month. I think/know that the chocolate/sweets/biscuits would be hardest for me, especially if I’m doing the weekly shop when I’m hungry!

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  2. That sounds very admirable, and please do keep us posted. I’m not a great shopper but books would be my weakness. I now make myself write them down and see if I can order them from the library first. As we head towards retirement, we’re trying to slim down our ‘wants’ in anticipation.


  3. It’s hard to say no to ourselves especially with all the glossy magazine ads, the tv commericals & those pop ads on F/B. I’m resolved to stay out of the stores, especially crafting stores, until my resolve is stronger.

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