A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need | The Re-run

In February last year, I only bought things that were considered essential. I’m doing the same again this year.

No buying anything I don’t truly need.

My list includes:

  1. tea/coffee in cafés, with a notable exception allowed.
  2. magazines
  3. chocolate/sweets/biscuits
  4. clothes
  5. books
  6. scrapbooking products
  7. random online shopping. Amazon, I’m looking at you

Frugal February will give me a chance to actively live with our One Little Word – Pause – on a daily basis. I’m interested to see how I’ll fare second time around; I’ll be report back here towards the end of the month.

4 thoughts on “A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need | The Re-run

  1. I like – so yes challenge accepted (col). I’m in for Frugal February … now just to convince Mr Man that #7 won’t hurt of diminish him in any way.

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  2. That sounds like a great idea, and wishing you well with it. I am in month 9 of my Buy-No-Clothes-For-A-Year challenge to myself. I’ve also rationed myself to a maximum of one bought book every three months, and no magazines – if the library doesn’t have it, I don’t read it. So far it’s going well :).

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