How The Month of No Buying Panned Out

So how did the month of no buying non-essentials pan out?

It turns out that if you have a new puppy in the house, you don’t go out anywhere near as much as you might ordinarily do. You don’t give into temptation when nipping through M&S or glancing in the bookshop’s window … because you’re not there. You’re at home, attempting to house train that bundle of furry joy or you’re out in all weathers on a walk (or carry, as a walk invariably turns into).

Enjoying West London’s cafe culture

Where I fell down was how many times I ended a walk with Tilly in an independent cafe very near to where we live. The cafe advertises itself as dog friendly and all the staff seem to love each and every four-legged friend that crosses the threshold. And so often, it wasn’t just a pot of tea, it became tea and cake (their peanut butter and chocolate brownie is divine).

But on the whole, I think not buying anything that wasn’t specifically needed was a success. So much so, I may do it again in a month or two.

6 thoughts on “How The Month of No Buying Panned Out

  1. Ah the sleep of the innocent … Well done you Ruth for keeping the expenses to necessities. That brownie sounds a necessity as part of your OLW. For me (us) the weather has played the biggest part in spending this month – so many days snowed in, which kept me from driving to the mall or to my favourite scrapping store to buy all their new releases.

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  2. I think that money spent whilst letting Tilly rest her little legs doesn’t count! It is true though that it is very easy to impulse buy when you are out and about, so don’t think about the money you spent in the cafe, view it as savings of money you didn’t spend in M&S or Paperchase 😉

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