Let’s Do Lunch

I’ve fallen out with lunch.

Same old, same old.

I’m someone who likes to eat. I don’t do well if I’ve missed a meal. But the truth is, I’m bored with lunch.

I tend to eat the same thing, more or less, every day – a sandwich (filling is usually ham, but could also be cheese. This week I’m eating white bread (Warburtons Toastie), but we normally eat wholemeal or seeded), a yoghurt (Yeo Valley‘s Greek Style is the current favourite), crisps might make an appearance, as might fruit.

Occasionally I might eat soup; I might make cheese on toast; I might eat toast fingers slathered in hummus; I might graze all morning and then not eat at lunch time (this never ends well); I might buy a BLT.

What I need are a few suggestions on how to liven up my lunch. What’s on your plate in the middle of the day?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch

  1. Your first sentence made me smile – nicely put! Lunch? Usually homemade soup (e.g. lentil and vegetable) and a salad. I usually keep some cooked grain like quinoa or millet in the fridge, along with homemade ratatouille or roasted vegetables, and layer a mixture in a tub with a dollop of quark for added protein or hummous and a handful of salad leaves/watercress and a sprinkle of nuts/seeds so I can take it to work. If all else fails, I’ll grab a raw potato and cook it in the office microwave and pop it in my soup :). Don’t know if this sparks anything for you …

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  2. Warmed folded flatbreads with hummus is my current favourite, closely followed by jacket potato with cheese and beans. I always used to just have a sandwich when I was working as I only had half an hour break but now I’m home, lunch is getting longer and larger! I also like the crustless quiches or sometimes I’ll whisk together a quick omelette.

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