Cliveden in Summer

Cliveden in the height of Summer still tries hard to look glorious. Cliveden.jpgThe gardeners work extremely hard to keep Cliveden‘s gardens and grounds looking their best, but the fabulous weather has taken its toll on the lawns … one day they were green and lush, the very next, or so it seemed, they were baked to a crisp.DSC_0004.JPGCliveden is just a 30 minute drive from West London and is perfect for meeting friends or walking your dog in the woods.


One thought on “Cliveden in Summer

  1. Clivedon is the place that Joyce Grenfell used to pop up to for tea with her aunt. Joyce’s mother was the sister of her ladyship LOL. In fact Joyce Grenfell lived in a cottage on the estate after she married and it was at one of the dinner parties at Cliveden that someone connected to the BBC heard her telling the story of the speaker at a WI meeting and thought she would be excellent as a braodcaster

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