Summer Scrapbook

Have you heard that expression, “What’s need got to do with it?”  That was me recently, right at the moment I clicked ‘buy’.thumbnail[1]I have an ongoing 12×12 album for our travels this year (New York City, Washington, DC and Jersey).  I use a Traveler’s Notebook for a spot of scrapbooking on the road.

I have no need for a Summer Days kit from Scrapbook and Cards Today.


thumbnail[1] (2)

thumbnail[2]The kit arrived complete with a list of suggested page designs.  Some I’ve used, some I’ve adapted to suit what I want to see in my album.thumbnail[1] (4)I plan to fill it with photos from our Summer holiday.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll keep the finished album or give it to the friends we’re holidaying with.

4 thoughts on “Summer Scrapbook

  1. Full of sunshine! Your album last year for your friends was just beautiful … Perhaps you should keep it this year? Smiled at the ‘need’ comment.


  2. SCT has some amazing kits & I’m sure yours will be gorgeous when finished – be sure we get to see the done deal before you gift it (which is such a generous gift) Need, well isn’t this part of nourishing yourself, so yes the kit to be crafty was definitely a nourishing need. 🙂


  3. Need? oh, you mean like “I need water to survive”, yes? so that sort of need doesn’t count for kits but the need that does count is one that satisfies the soul’s need for colour and fun and memory markers. That need also has to be addressed


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