Kew Gardens

Although Kew Gardens is South of the River Thames, just, it’s not far from us here in West London.  Far enough, though, to be forgotten about for months at a time.  Which is silly, because at this time of year, on a sunny day, it’s stunning and we’re incredibly fortunate to have a UNESCO World Heritage site on our door step.DSC_0354I wanted to see The Hive, a temporary structure highlighting the importance of pollinators to our future food security.  So at the end of half-term, The Boy Child and I hopped on a bus and went to investigate.DSC_0335.JPGTo be honest, I didn’t think much of The Hive from the outside.  It somehow reminded me of a large jumble of metal coat hangers.  But once inside, and looking directly up, it packed plenty of wow factor.IMG_6110.JPGHaving given me the required five minutes for photos, The Boy Child was happy to head home.  But being the devious kind, I was able to bribe persuade him to stay a little longer with the promise of hot chocolate and a slice of Raspberry and Almond Bake.   DSC_0342Before leaving, I signed us up to annual membership.  We only need to visit twice more to make the membership economical.

5 thoughts on “Kew Gardens

  1. When I lived in London one of my friends lived in Kew. We used to go out their for a walk in the gardens and a homemade meal . The gardens were much cheaper in those days and much more low key but beautiful.
    I had similar feelings about the beehive.


  2. What an interesting “art” installation for the hive … I agree looking from the inside out is a better view. Pollinators are also in the decline this side of the pond. I have been reading, watching & listening to a lot of experts on humans destroying the environment & ourselves. I weep at the loss of wild life because of our human arrogance. As one expert says we can all do one small thing a day to help which if everyone did, makes a huge difference. I could also be encouraged to stay longer with a raspberry/almond slice … sign me up!


  3. Raspberry and Almond? no contest, Hot chocolate too? oh my, what a treat. There are so many things on London that I would like to visit but the three hours travelling would flatten me and when we got there Mr M couldn’t walk more than 50 metres because his knees are so bad. This means I am relying on other people to take excellent pictures for me to drool over. Next time he hints at impatience just tell him “this one is for Ladkyis”


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