Me on Tuesday | 3 May

It was a week of colder weather and a four day week at school.

  • I went to both the dentist and the dental hygienist
  • My donated pint of blood was issued to a hospital in London’s East End 🙂
  • The surveyor who was due to meet with us to discuss changes to The Boy’s playroom cancelled as he ended up in the X-Ray department of our local hospital
  • British Airways cancelled our flights to Jersey 😦
  • We booked a ferry crossing from Poole to Jersey 🙂
  • The Brainy One took The Boy to try golf
  • The Boy and I went to the cinema to see Downton Abbey: A New Era
  • The Boy and I went for brunch in a Victorian public convenience … more on that soon
  • I had a falling out with the developers working nearby after they set a bonfire twenty minutes after I had hung the washing out

4 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday | 3 May

  1. Beautiful peonies & I like the twig bracing (very natural & un-intrusive). Yeah to having a Plan B for the Jersey adventure. Did TB enjoy the golf with TBO? Another game planned? What did you think of the new Downton movie? Not just rude of the builders to set the bonfire but how stupid do you have to be to not see a washing out … I’ll say no more.

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    1. Downton was enjoyable, beautifully shot and the script tied up most of the loose ends.
      See my comment to Deb re those builders.


  2. BA are certainly getting a lot of bad press over flight cancellations at the moment, thank goodness flying isn’t the only way of getting there and well done for organising alternative arrangements so promptly.
    How did the golf lesson go?
    Those builders certainly know how to upset the neighbours – how annoying.

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    1. The Boy seems to be interested in learning golf, so fingers crossed.
      Re the builders – it was Saturday afternoon so they weren’t supposed to be there and it is illegal for developers to set bonfires …


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