Little Venice to Camden Lock

I was so taken with my recent walk around Little Venice, I took The Brainy One and The Boy Child there today.
I didn’t make them walk around for two hours; I let them go on the Waterbus.

 Plenty of other people had the same idea; albeit with alcohol involved.

The people on this narrow boat were celebrating Lulu’s 50th birthday and those blue hoodies boldly announced the fact

Next summer, we may try walking along the tow path.  It’s not that far at all.

Hard to believe that homes like these exist in the heart of London.  Who can afford them?  The US Ambassador lives in one of them.

 Floating neighbours must be pretty cool.

It was early afternoon by the time we were finished.  The Boy Child’s Autism had made its presence felt all morning.  Goodness knows what our fellow passengers thought.
A delicious glass of rosé always makes things better.


3 thoughts on “Little Venice to Camden Lock

  1. Don't give a stuff about what others think. You just erase them from your thoughts and don't let the tension they create transmit to TBC. He will sense your feelingsa and paly to the weakness every time. It's in his contract as a kid and nothing to do with autism, all kids have that sensor and they wield it only in crowds.


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