Thankful …

… that The Boy Child has such a Good Friend.
The Good Friend who is overheard saying, “C’mon, The Boy Child, I’ll take care of you.”
The Good Friend who answered the question a good friend is with The Boy Child’s name.
I see the Good Friend and my heart fills with love for him.

4 thoughts on “Thankful …

  1. It's pretty crazy to me how much I love Andrew's friends. I feel fiercely protective of them…like they are my own kids! It really surprises that I love them so much, but I feel like when your kid doesn't have scores of friends, you really appreciate the ones they do have. Not that TBC doesn't have scores of friends. 🙂 He might! Just saying that I think that's why I'm so taken with Andrew's buds. That and they've all been in the same class together since the end of Kindergarten. 🙂


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