The Kingdom Choir at the Royal Albert Hall

I took The Boy Child to his first evening concert at the Royal Albert Hall recently and invited my sister-in-law to join us. We went to see/listen to The Kingdom Choir (you may recall hearing them here) and we went for two reasons … 1) they’re bloomin’ good and 2) we know one of the members.

The Royal Albert Hall

The support act was Philippa Hanna, a young woman with a fantastic voice. She strolled out onto the stage with just a guitar and her percussionist (her husband), and held a sold-out audience completely spell-bound. She sings a mix of country and gospel – her cover version of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect was exactly that. You can hear her here.

The Kingdom Choir

TKC sing covers of pop songs with a gospel twist and the sound they create is mesmerising. Their medley in tribute to Aretha Franklin was off the scale. The audience is encouraged to sing along, to dance and to be a part of the party. For party is the right word to describe their concert. It’s clear that each and every member of TKC is giving their all while having the best time.

That wedding gave them their global platform and they have used it well. Their UK tour finishes today, but there is bound to be another later this year or next … I highly recommend buying tickets to see them. You’ll have an amazing time!

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