The Strictly Professionals on Tour

Well over a year ago, I booked tickets for the Strictly Professionals Tour in Hammersmith. I don’t think I’ve ever booked tickets that far in advance, but I knew that they would sell quickly.

We’re ready …

The show was everything I knew it would be, and more. I’d go so far as saying that it was one of the best theatrical experiences of my life. It was superb from start to finish, and surprisingly emotional in places.

Bring on the magic …

The loudest cheer and standing ovation mid-show was reserved for the lovely Pasha Kopalev, who announced earlier this year that he would not be returning to Strictly Come Dancing. He makes many a heart flutter!

I thought that the audience would have brought their sparkle, but most people didn’t appear to have gone overboard with the sequins (it’s probably best left to the pros on stage). The TV show’s appeal was evident by the make-up of the audience – a good mix of men, women and children.

The Strictly Pros are almost at the end of their tour, but I highly recommend buying tickets for any future tours. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed!

4 thoughts on “The Strictly Professionals on Tour

  1. I bet it was amazing! I saw Pasha in his ‘one man show’ a few years back when he came to our local theatre and even that was fab.u.lous. Sad that he won’t be in the next series, I hear that he and Rachel Riley are expecting a baby, maybe that helped make his decision!

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  2. While I’m not familiar with the Strictly Dancing show, there is nothing better than an anticipated event being just what you had hoped for.

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