Royal Wedding Brunch

I do like a wedding!  And Saturday’s wedding, a small affair you may have heard mentioned here and there, was the perfect excuse to dust off the family heirloom, break open the bubbles before lunchtime and eat cake.


I have my own story of meeting Prince Harry.  Not long after I’d left the RAF, I blagged my way into a job with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  Young Harry was staying with great granny in her house on the Balmoral estate and saw me in one of the bedrooms as he walked passed.  He backtracked, gave me that famous grin and asked, “Hello, who are you?”  I replied, “Hello, I’m Ruth” and resisted the urge to add, “Who are you?”

8 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Brunch

  1. It was nice to host a wedding brunch of your own & what lovely china it is. Did you dust off your hat or fastener for this? How cool was that being at Balmoral with The Royals. The weather looked a perfect English summer day for Prince Harry & Meghan’s wedding.


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