On This Day

February 2018 marked my Blogoversary – ten years of blogging. I recognise that I wasn’t very good in early days, but it still might be fun to look back over the years …

thumbnail[1] (3)

In 2016: I wrote about it being six months.

In 2013: I wrote about right now.

In 2010: I posted a recipe.


4 thoughts on “On This Day

  1. Enjoyable stroll down memory lane. I wonder how many of those commenting on any of those posts are still blogging…

    I like the recipe, looks yummy & fairly simple to make; a good light patio dinner with wine! 🙂


  2. So many regular commentators in the past that have stopped blogging now – I miss our little community! I am so pleased that you are still regularly blogging!


  3. Enjoyed the look back! You mentioned writing everyday in your Florida mini-scrapbook in 2013 … on our recent trip, I wrote everyday (or at least every other day) and I’m so glad because there was just so much to remember!


  4. I’ve enjoyed looking back with you … I missed your six-month post at the time :(, but it is so beautifully written and resonates with me now. It’s eight months since my Dad died … That looks like such a nice, light recipe for a summery evening.


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