Right Now …

Trying to find some sort of routine.  Both for me and The Boy Child.
Sorting through our holiday photos.  I took over 800.  Ridiculous.
Looking through my Florida mini scrapbook and feeling glad that I made the time to write in it everyday while we were away.

Making a start on making pages.
Keeping the designs clean and simple.
Ordering more photo paper, printer ink and cardstock.
Listening to The Boy Child talk about wanting to be an astronaut.
Making tentative plans for next week when The Boy Child is spending a few days on his own with Granny.
Discovering more unread books by Ken Follett.
Reading Night Over Water.
Thinking about our next family holiday already.  The Brainy One fancies a long weekend in Gibraltar and The Boy Child and I are holding on for another trip to New York City to see our friends (and Robyn … and my family …).
Thinking about blogging about Florida.  Knowing where to start is difficult.  Maybe a 10 Best Things kind of post?

What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now? 

6 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. It's not ridiculous 🙂 It sounds like a great number to me..I never take as many as I think I'm going to and then I regret it. TSO fancies Florida for us for next year


  2. I love the little peek at your travel journal, Ruth! I know what you mean about feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to break down the amount of photos to be shared. Carrie and I had over a 1,0000 photos EACH when we came back from England.


  3. I love the little look into your travel journal – your handwriting is so beautifully neat! I see you have some photos in there too? was wondering how you decided what to put in, and if you left a space in the writing until you had time to process the photos? I'd love a post on your process and thinking! And I hope you have a perfectly splendid time with your lovely son safely tucked away at granny's – God bless 'em!


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