The Mousetrap

Throughout August, many of London’s West End theatres offer free tickets to children.  We took advantage of this offer and secured tickets to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, the world’s longest running show. thumbnail[1] (8)The Boy Child has been to the theatre many times and we felt he was now old enough to enjoy a straight play.thumbnail[1] (7)He loved it, especially during the interval when we all had a guess at who the murderer was.  Part of the play’s charm is that the cast invites you at the end to keep the secret of ‘whodunnit’; you’ll have to come and see the play for yourself, if you’d like to know who the guilty person is.

4 thoughts on “The Mousetrap

  1. When I lived in London in the 80s a lot of free theatre tickets were given to the hospitals for the nurses. It was a wonderful opportunity to see shows that I would never have chosen otherwise.


  2. That does sound like fun. I like the idea that the theatre gives free tickets to the children, a perfect way to get them started into enjoying the theatre & becoming life time members. The Mousetrap is also Canada’s longest running play in Toronto. Sworn to keeping the secret was always a fun part.


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