My Life in Postcards

Mum has been having a clear out 
and The Brainy One returned this afternoon 
from dropping off The Boy Child at Granny’s
 with a carrier bag full of postcards. 
Postcards that I have sent to my parents over the last thirty years.
 A random dip into the pile produced a combination 
of amusement and blank looks.
Sometime in 1988: {near Christmas, I think, 
by virtue of the stamp featuring an image of Santa.}   
I wrote lampshades and teeth marks.  
That’s it.  Just those four words.
Who knows?
Postmarked 13 April 1987: I went on a day trip 
to Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Memorable because I flew there on an RAF Hercules aircraft. 
First class postage was 18p. 
 Postmarked 8 June 1988: I’d just arrived in Germany 
at the beginning of what was to become a 4 years 3 months posting.
I’d also timed my arrival to coincide with a four day station stand-down.
My new room mate was nowhere to be seen for those four days
 and the camp was deserted because it was the same weekend 
I remember it being a very lonely start to what turned out
to be the best 4+ years of my life.    
Three things I noticed about this potted history of my life:
My handwriting has improved considerably from when I was a twenty year old.
I went through a stage of not signing my name on postcards, because I assumed {naively/arrogantly}
that the recipient would know it was from me.   
I used to drink far too much alcohol, particularly when I lived in Germany.
What would a potted history of postcards say about you?

7 thoughts on “My Life in Postcards

  1. I can only image my postcard collection would be very small and would be an indication of the lack of bravery on my part to adventure when I was younger. Thought provoking question.


  2. Interesting collection.

    I didn't send postcards very often but my parents have the collection of letters that they brought back from both sets of grandparents that we all sat and wrote. It was interesting to see the handwriting change as well as the topics.


  3. Of course I love this! My Grandparents used to save up the postcards I sent them so that I could put them in my album when I came home from holidays. I still have those and my favourites are from the school trip to London where “I got something interesting”. I think it was the autograph of the policeman standing outside Downing Street


  4. How fantastic that your Mum kept all of your cards! That must feel very special holding things in your hands which you wrote so far away in time and space …


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