Life in Lockdown | Remaining Connected

How are you remaining connected to your loved ones and friends during Lockdown? We have both a myriad of WhatsApp groups and regular Face Time chats with ours. But what I’ve enjoyed most of all is sending postcards.

I was a prolific postcard sender, right up until Mum died and then I stopped. If I couldn’t send her a postcard, then I didn’t want to send anyone a postcard.

I was never able to break the habit of picking up postcards wherever I went – the Store of Utter Gorgeousness, Duxford, National Trust properties. The postcard pile was in danger of becoming out of control.

So what better time than now to send them out into the world – I randomly open my address book (which I’ve also managed to misplace for a few days during Lockdown) and select a name or three – local friends, friends faraway, friends living on their own, blogger friends and parents of friends who are under orders to stay home for 12 weeks. (In telling you this, I’m mindful of this post.)

I truly don’t expect anything in return and the majority of people haven’t acknowledged receiving them. And if you fancy receiving a postcard, eclectic of otherwise, drop me an email with your address and I’ll see what I can do: thiswestlondonlifeATgmailDOTcom.

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10 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Remaining Connected

  1. I was one of the lucky recipients and I can tell you that it really brightened my day to see a postcard waiting for me on the door mat after the postman had been!

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  2. Oh yes Happy Mail is such a treat & having being one of those that received a post card, I cannot tell you how it brighten my day. I have always been a card sender & now that I make them I send a lot more. I usually get “why did you send me a card?” & my standard reply tends to be “why not?”

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  3. The joy (yes joy) of sending and receiving a postcard or letter is fast fading from most of us. I remember the trill of getting a letter from home when I was in the army or even in college. I have cards and letters from my grandmother that I will never get rid of. Perhaps I should just start sending cards and letters again. It could do no harm and a lot of good.

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    1. I do hope you send few postcards! I don’t have any letters from my grandparents, sadly, but I did keep a letter my dad wrote to me in the late 1980s when I was serving in Germany – kept more because he wrote it, rather than its contents (I think Mum was poorly at the time). I’m glad I have his handwriting.

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  4. It’s always FUN to receive happy mail – and I loved getting a postcard from you last month!!

    It’s also FUN to send happy mail – I’ve sent out several random packages this year and have plans for more.

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