Victoria Cross Exhibition

We went up to the Spink gallery in Bloomsbury today to see the largest collection of Victoria Crosses ever to go on display in Britain.
Among those on display is one awarded to RAF Sgt Norman Jackson, who climbed out onto the fuselage of his Lancaster bomber to extinguish a fire at 22,000ft above Germany during the Second World War.
The 50 on display are all owned by Lord Ashcroft and apparently he hopes to open a permanent exhibition in 2010. I had mixed feelings about the exhibition; sad that families had been forced to sell the medal in the first place but glad that Lord Ashcroft had enabled them to stay in Britain and to be seen by the public.
There was no entrance fee and we were given a Victoria Cross Collection catalogue (cover price £15); you’ll need to quick if you want to see them, as the exhibition runs only until April 25.

One thought on “Victoria Cross Exhibition

  1. What a fab exhibition. I’m just reading Johnson Beharry and can’t put it down. Thanks again for buying it for me 🙂


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