Tower Bridge

The Boy Child and I chose a glorious afternoon in mid August to visit Tower Bridge. As well as experiencing fantastic panoramic views …

From L-R: Tower of London, the Walkie Talkie and St Paul’s

… we walked along the glass floor walkway …

… and may have actually sat down on it for a photo opportunity.

This permanent feature offers visitors an incredible birds-eye view of London life, from 42 metres above the River Thames. The glass floor measures 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and comprise of panels weighing 530 kilograms each – it’s no wonder the installation took a 20-strong team to construct it!

The Boy Child was more than a little apprehensive about standing on the glass, as he was convinced that the moment he stood on it would be the moment the floor chose to give way. But he did it … probably simply to shut me up.

And as I said to him, “We have documentary evidence on you on the glass walkway, so you don’t ever need to do it again.”

I have since discovered that Tower Bridge offers autism-friendly early opening on the third Saturday of every month – see website for details.

6 thoughts on “Tower Bridge

  1. My husband used to work right by Tower Bridge, in Hays Galleria next to where the HMS Belfast is moored – so I recognise those sights! Brave TBC to go across that glass walkway – and now we have photographic evidence of how brave he was!

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  2. You tell him I think he’s amazing! I could never have done that. Don’t tell him the vertigo would have made me throw up all over it. Even without the vertigo I would have been terrified. I think you are pretty darned amazing to have done it too.

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