What Caught My Eye #13

I walked past this bench the other day and barely glanced at it.  But in that split second, the text resonated with me so much that I stopped in my tracks, backed up  a few paces and stood looking at it for what seemed an age.IMG_5869Over the years, I’d had conversations with my parents about whether ‘ordinary’ people left legacies behind after lives well-lived, and did it really matter if that legacy was known only to a few people.  I remember saying that surely someone’s legacy was if they’d made a difference to someone else’s life, even if they were unaware of it.

I stand by that.  My parents lived lives of service to others and conducted their lives with great humility, humour and faith.  I know for certain that their lives touched more than me, my siblings, their grandsons and our wider family.  A great many people remember them both with love.  A great many people miss them still.

And that is what makes the text on this bench true.

2 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye #13

  1. That is a beautiful bench endowed with some very powerful words. I agree with you & in a world today where so many have confused fame for a live well lived & mattering to others is something we could have a long long chat about. I just read something that I am probably messing up; to speak a loved one’s name is to have them live again.


  2. I firmly believe that we all touch each other, both for the good and for the worse. Many times we will never know when or even how we did this. I try to be positive but being human I do slip up. All that being said I think that this is a great sentiment on that bench. When you let it (and you did) it gives us much to think about.


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