Kindle | Love It? Hate It?

IMG_5851.JPGI own a Kindle by default.  I don’t love it particularly, but nor do I hate it.  It is what it is.  My Kindle began life as a Christmas gift for my lovely Father-in-Law and, when he passed away in 2012, it then found a new home with Mum.  When she died early last year, it ended up with me.  I’ve found it quite handy for when we’re travelling; it certainly helps to lighten the load of a suitcase!  But the truth is, I miss the feel and smell of holding a book in my hand.  I’ve also been worried about standing on it, as I have a bad habit of leaving it on the floor, you know, next to a chair or the bed, as I might a book.  I might not be that heavy, but I’m fairly sure a Kindle screen would crack into a gazillion pieces if I trod on it.

I solved the First World problem of how to store it last week, when I saw an post on Instagram hashtagging (is that even a word?) the Manor BinderyDSC_0173.JPGAs well as traditional book binding, they produce fabulous Kindle covers that look exactly like book covers … simples!  All that remains is for me to remember to place it on the bookshelf …

Do you own  a Kindle?  Have you given up reading in traditional book form?  Do you consider a Kindle a step closer to the dark side?


12 thoughts on “Kindle | Love It? Hate It?

  1. That is such a brilliant idea for your kindle & great title for yours. I don’t own a Kindle, although we have an ipad which can be used for reading downloaded books. With only 1 in the house it became a struggle to finish the book before it was wiped (library expiring date) & since we are a family of technology resistance, it made no sense to buy a second one.

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  2. That is a fabulous Kindle cover!

    I rarely use my Kindle. In fact, I think it’s been several years since I’ve read anything on it as I really like the feel of a book. However, this past week, I charged up the Kindle and downloaded some books for our upcoming trip overseas. It’s definitely easier to carry, lighter & takes up less room, so I’ll be enjoying it again soon. (When we take road trips, which we’ve done mostly in recent years, I just pack books. 🙂 )


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