Women’s Wear Daily, Or Not …

As I said yesterday, Spring is on the way, if not actually here full time.
And that makes me think about about my wardrobe.
Mainly about how bored I am with it.
I’ve spent the last few months in variations of the following: skinny jeans (from Fat Face), white t-shirts (with a scoop neck and three-quarter length sleeves, from M&S), scoop neck jumpers in assorted primary colours (also from M&S) and biker boots (from Ugg). 
I’m ready to get my legs out and lose what my American friend calls my “British white” tan.
And I’ve got my eye on a few funky dresses and skirts. 
Details here, but perhaps when it’s on offer or in the sale.
A Cup of Jo had a similar post yesterday, which you can read here
Nice as her choices were, they were just that wee bit too expensive for me.
Are you ready for a shift to lighter weight and more colourful clothing?
What’s caught your eye of late? 

2 thoughts on “Women’s Wear Daily, Or Not …

  1. I like your picks and I had a look at Jo's and I like them too. It's still a little chilly here to think about bare legs, but at least i'm now sporting my stripey tshirts without a jumper over the top!


  2. Ruth, we have the same tastes! I have the sweatshirt version of the Joules dress and the Boden dress but in a different fabric!
    Yes, I am more than ready to swap my winter wardrobe for some lighter clothes.


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