Trivia Does Not Belittle Remembrance

 I hesitated over the content of this post today.  It’s very much a light-hearted post.
And today is not a light hearted kind of day.
Our Nation paused this morning to give thanks and to remember those who have given and continue to give their all in the defence of our country.
For freedom.
   As I listened to the Last Post a little after 11am, I realised that this post should go live today.  The free will I enjoy is down to those who have gone before and wittering on about trivia does not in any way belittle their memory. 
I am a believer in the Military Covenant.
I support Forces charities year round.
I’m from a family that believes in service to the Crown.   
And so, to the business of the day.
It seems as though it’s been here for weeks, don’t you think?  Christmas cards in the shops in August and all the big stores have now released their festive adverts.  I usually wrap gifts in brown paper and adorn with plenty of ribbon.  This year, however, I have been seduced by paper from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness.
 I am seeing some members of my family this weekend and it seemed sensible to take their gifts with me.  We’re off on our travels mid December and hand delivering a few gifts, even if they are early, is one more thing crossed off my to do list. 
 Some overseas friends are receiving London themed baubles.  I find them tricky to wrap so a spot of starry cellophane and twine* does the trick.  
Have you made a start on your Christmas gift wrapping?
* A Bulgarian friend asked earlier today what twine was.
The best I could come up was hairy string … 

7 thoughts on “Trivia Does Not Belittle Remembrance

  1. Great post. Just because we have trivial things to get on with doesn't mean we don't remember or appreciate the sacrifice.
    I have nice paper too. It's tartan!!! Xxx


  2. I thought hard about my trivial Batman post on Sunday. I even considered some kind of “heroes” comment, but decided it wasn't right. So instead I remembered that the remembering we used to do about my dad's part in the war was always bound up with every day life too, and with keeping going, and with understanding but not staying sad. He loved Christmas and he would have approved of this!

    Gorgeous wrapping paper


  3. I know I am late to commenting on this post. I think Remembrance Day is just that, remembering all the lives in service or that were lost in wars so that we can enjoy the option of Christmas shopping, of celebrating the season of what we want, Christmas Hanukkah, Diwali, Winter Solstice,Kwanzaa-its about remembering that the freedom to choose is not free. This year in Canada the sale of poppies exceeded all records & attendance at all the different services were attended by record numbers. The most recent tragic events of the murder of two military persons has unified us.


  4. I believe they fought and died so we could celebrate the every day as well as the big ones. Love that wrapping paper – truly unique. Haven't done anything yet about our cards – need to do that this week once it stops snowing.


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