Storytelling Sunday

The first Sunday in the month means my lovely pal Sian is hosting Storytelling Sunday. This year, the suggested theme is My Precious and for this month, togetherness.
There are very few photos in existence of the three of us together.  During our recent holiday in Florida, we managed two!

Neither of these shots is perfect.  The Boy Child is either squinting or looking away.  The Brainy One would be the first to admit that he needs to lose some weight.
No matter.
We are there together, recorded for posterity.
Three is the magic number.

Hop on over to Sian’s place for plenty more stories this Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Storytelling Sunday

  1. Three is indeed magic – though even two, for relationship, will do at a pinch? Lovely to see all of you together, looking beautiful AND brainy :).


  2. A photo of the family is always special even if one of you does squint, it's a natural thing to do when a camera is waved in front of your nose. Besides, he's a kid, it's his job to pull faces.


  3. I love pictures like this! The ones we have from family holidays when I was little are few, but very precious indeed and their value will only improve over the years..

    Perfectly precious indeed


  4. It is great that you got some photos of the three of you together. We often have that problem as someone is always behind the camera. But when we went to Disney we loved their photo pass system as we have one holiday with LOTS of photos of us all together 🙂 A wonderful precious.


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