Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4

I was able to box off almost all of the remainder of my list while in Florida.
#1: open air market found in the lovely town of Celebration.

 #5: sunset found outside the front door of our villa.

#11: animal found in zoo/aquarium/nature reserve.  I was spoilt for choice after visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Busch Gardens.
I went with the killer whales from the Shamu show at Sea World.

#12: cloud in the shape of something gave me so much trouble!  I’d take a snap of a cloud and then check with The Brainy One or my sister to see if they saw the same thing as me.  They invariably said no.
So, what do you see?  A baby laying on a pillow?

#16: a windmill was found in It’s a Small World at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (The Brainy One described that ride as a vision of hell!).  I wasn’t expecting to see Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

#4: airplane was the 747 Jumbo that brought us home from Orlando.
#17: candles were found in my home.  We were given these candlesticks as a wedding present almost eight years ago.  They are the original candles.

And that’s it.
All 21 items found and photographed.
See here if you’d like to see the earlier round-ups. Rinda has a linky up on her blog today so that you can share your progress with her and other Scavengers. Find it here.

29 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4

  1. Great collection – hope you had a great time.

    Wookie would agree with the Brainy One, I made the nephews go on Its A Small World before breakfast on their first day at Disney 🙂


  2. Hope you enjoyed Orlando – so much going on there! We've been several times and while I enjoy it, I also find that kind of vacation EXHAUSTING.


  3. Great to 'see' you back – hope you have had a fantastic holiday! We have been back for 4 days now and are still suffering jet lag – hope you escape it!


  4. Your windmill made me laugh because it's the song that gets to you. I have never been to Disney anywhere but a friend told me about the music and that B song. The thing is we used to sing it in Brownies and we used it as the link for a musical show the Guides and Brownies did to raise money for equipment – and now it is an earworm!!! and will be in my head for days


  5. Welcome home! I hope ya'll had a blast and are having a slow re entry to normal life. Great pics, sorry I don't see the baby but I am awful at cloud reading. Love the Shamu shot!! Tell the Brainy One that I wholeheartedly agree and have since I was 16 @@


  6. Ruth, I resorted to exactly the same tactic regarding the cloud spotting … took random shots whenever I saw a cloud in the hope of actually having an image appear before me … didn't have much luck!

    Glad to hear you are home safe and sound – looking forward to a good debrief!


  7. That It's a Small World tune can really get stuck in your head!

    I haven't found my cloud yet..looking at all the examples is starting to feel a bit like one of those ink blot tests I think 🙂


  8. Well done on all your finds…I'm so pleased you went to Celebration…it's amazing the number of people who go to Orlando and have never found their way there…one of my favourite places!!
    Alison xx


  9. SO much fun that you have a whale in this round up, Ruth! I love the incorporation of trip photos amongst these, and I laughed out loud at The Brainy One's description of Small World. And now I have the theme song running through my head!


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