One Little Word: April

The plan for April was to write a letter to yourself.  A chance to take stock of where you are right now, imagining where you want to be, setting out your intentions and writing it all out in letter format.
So, here’s the thing.  My letter to myself is written.  On the reverse is a photo of me with some a little embellishment.

My letter to myself is written, did I mention that?  I won’t be blogging it, as it’s absolutely not for sharing.  But what I’d like to know from you is this:  have you ever written a letter to yourself?  And if so, did you find it helpful when you looked at it 6 months or a year later?  Have you even looked at it again?  Or is the whole idea of writing to yourself completely alien to you?  

8 thoughts on “One Little Word: April

  1. I do it all the time, it's called a diary. I don't write every day but usually once or twice a week. It is written exclusively for me. Looking back can be amazing when you see how low you thought you were and realise that you weren't. Also to see how immature you were at 16 when you thought you were so grown up. Now I jot down thoughts and feelings so when I look tomorrow I can be surprised because my memory is awful LOL


  2. No I've never written a letter to myself. But last night I did find a “time capsule” layout I made as part of one of Shimelle's classes. It's not due to be opened for a few years yet.


  3. No I've never written a letter to myself and I'm not very good at keeping a diary either. I often think I'd like to but after a few days it falls by the wayside. Well done on getting your letter written, if nothing else it'll be interesting to read years down the road.
    That's a lovely photo of you too 🙂


  4. I've never written a letter to myself but have kept journals off and on oveer the years so i guess that may be similiar. It's interesting to reread them.


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