~ A bright spot in an otherwise horribly dull and wet day ~

7 thoughts on “49/365

  1. Good Morning Ruth Sweetie…
    Oh my goodness are these Lily of the Vallies? I haven't seen any in ages and they are so exquisite, pushing up out of the earths soil to brighten your day. How wonderful. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing. I am sending lots of sunshine your way. We are expecting another upper 70's day here in the valley of the sun.

    Have a good day Ruth. Country hugs sweetie…Sherry


  2. I miss snowdrops sooooo much. My Mom sent me over some pretty fake ones that I have in a little jug on my kitchen window sill right now….but they aren't quite the same.

    We have heavy snow until May – so we don't get snow drops – we don't even really get daffodils unless you buy them in the florists for the house!! I don't miss much about back home but I do miss the Spring flowers!


  3. I feel bittersweet now. 😦 🙂 My aunt Ang had an entire bed of Lily of the Valley flowers and I use to love watching them and smelling their wonderful fragrant bell shaped flower heads as a child! Ah…the memories.


  4. Oo I have just come back from a weeks hols and catching up with my fave blogs! I took pics of snowdrops whilst I was away must be the week of the snowdrop! I do love them and a great picture too.


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