~ Post swimming session ~
The Brainy One took the morning off work today, so we headed to the pool for 9am, what with it being half term and all. We were actually the first people in the pool and The Boy Child absolutely loved it! He went in right up to his neck (armbands worn, naturally) and even smiled after an unexpected dunking under the water, when he stepped out of his depth.
We even coaxed him to step off the side into Daddy’s waiting arms (nothing more safe and comforting than Daddy’s arms).
I’ve worked out that the easiest thing to do, while I’m attempting to get dry and dressed, is to feed The Boy Child his favourite rice cakes and raisins, hence the hamster cheeks in the photo!

11 thoughts on “48/365

  1. DS is darling, so glad you had a wonderful morning together in the pool….it is wonderful to teach him how to swim, they learn faster and easier when they are young.
    …….:-) Hugs


  2. Glad he's enjoying his swimming sessions. I also used to take something for the children to eat as soon as they got out the pool, makes life much easier.


  3. Oh Ruth Sweetie…
    What a wonderful picture of DS. I am so tickled you are teaching him to swim. It is so important. We have a diving pool in our backyard, and out of the 7 grandkids we have taught all but the youngest 2 now to swim. It is so important. We are working on the youngest two and hopefully by the time this Summer is over we will have at least 1 more of those children down in lessons. I believe all should know how to swim. He sure is a cutie.

    You all have some really nice public pools there to swim in during the winter months.

    See ya soon. Country hugs sweetie…Sherry


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