Is It Really Just Me?

Living in London can mean that a person becomes immured to everyday rudeness and unpleasantness.Most of us at some point will encounter Mr. or Ms. Rude when travelling on the Tube.It's pretty much a given.Last week, however, I encountered Ms. Rude on the school run.I won't bore you with the details of what exactly transpired between … Continue reading Is It Really Just Me?

Scrapbooking Her Story

It's only now that I feel able to begin to make an album of Mum's photos.I sorted through that black bin bag of photos, a little at a time,and sent off a fair amount to my siblings.What was left fell into distinctive categories: childhood, RAF, marriage, children, family holidays, special occasions, weddings and the next generation. If … Continue reading Scrapbooking Her Story

Cousins, Affirmations and Rockers | Photo Heavy

So I travelled the two hundred plus miles yesterday afternoon to meet up for an evening out with Cousin #1, Cousin #3 and Cousin by Marriage.We don't need much to have a fabulous time.Large bottles of beer are always a good choice. Delicious food complete with positive affirmation.  What's not to love? The reflective selfie shot is … Continue reading Cousins, Affirmations and Rockers | Photo Heavy