What’s in a Name?

I don't know exactly what it is about the road signs in Paris, but I love them.Which sounds more than a little odd, I admit. Perhaps it's their shape.Or the added attraction of bird droppings.Perhaps not.Or simply a case of "je ne sais quois".Whatever it is, I still love them.Summer 500: 320.

Brussels | Wall Art

It would appear that the good burghers of Brussels are not ones for bare walls.Murals on external walls are in. In a big way.So much so, that currently over 40 mostly comic-strip style murals can be found throughout the Old Quarter.They even have their own website: http://www.brusselscomics.com/en/route_bd.cfm, although I don't think the link is currently working. More … Continue reading Brussels | Wall Art

Parisian Long Weekend | Montmartre | Photo Heavy

Montmartre is exactly what Paris looks like in Hollywood movies, especially anything remotely French made by Woody Allen.For me, it's the real Paris.Sure, there are crowds in the summer, but step down a side street and Montmartre is yours to explore. You never know what you might discover.Or see.Or wonder about. Or laugh about.The Boy Child's … Continue reading Parisian Long Weekend | Montmartre | Photo Heavy