Summer Scrapbook

Have you heard that expression, "What's need got to do with it?"  That was me recently, right at the moment I clicked 'buy'.I have an ongoing 12x12 album for our travels this year (New York City, Washington, DC and Jersey).  I use a Traveler's Notebook for a spot of scrapbooking on the road. I have … Continue reading Summer Scrapbook

The Cruel Act of Ghosting

I'd heard about ghosting, but only in relation to dating scenarios. Think Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. But last week, Thursday evening to be exact, the penny dropped. Someone related to me, someone I share a lifetime of love and memories with, has cut off contact without offering any kind of explanation. {Maybe I'd subconsciously … Continue reading The Cruel Act of Ghosting

Reducing My Online Footprint

The Brainy One and I have been subjected to protracted anonymous attemptsto gain access to our varied and numerous online accountsI won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, we are actively taking steps to reduce our online footprint.I have deactivated my Facebook accounts (personal and the blog's).I have never been on LinkedIn.I have … Continue reading Reducing My Online Footprint

From the T’internet | Blogs of Note

When I began blogging, I sought out fellow bloggerswho were writing about what I was writing about.Namely, scrapbooking and photography.However, as the years have passed, I've become a reader of a wide-range of blogs.Here are two current favourites:Jaime at angloyankophile, I discovered through her guest post on Shimelle's blog.Apart from living in London, her in … Continue reading From the T’internet | Blogs of Note