A Year of Thanking | 2nd Quarter Review

I'll be honest here ... I lost some of my enthusiasm for this project after I began this year's 100 Day Project. That said, I've written 10 letters over the last three months. Less than the first quarter, but still a reasonable total. All were delivered by the Royal Mail. I wrote three letters to … Continue reading A Year of Thanking | 2nd Quarter Review

Right Now …

A host of golden daffodils Listening: to radio plays of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. They're surprisingly addictive. Reading: My Glory Was I Had Such Friends by Amy Silverstein. Planning: a few trips away. We would ordinarily have one or two family trips booked by now, but we've held off because the the Brexit debacle. There's also … Continue reading Right Now …

Five Behaviour Traits I Should Have Outgrown

I am a middle-aged woman and I am my harshest critic.  There, I've said it.  My half-century of living is rapidly approaching and that auspicious occasion has been an excuse to evaluate some of the behaviour traits I still persist with. ~ I am using this photo to illustrate point one ~Here's five behaviours that … Continue reading Five Behaviour Traits I Should Have Outgrown

Month in Numbers | March

Did March turn out to be marvellous?Let's take a look:55: the number of minutes it took for the orthodontist to attach my braces. 330: the number of lengths I put in at the pool - the biggest total of the year so far.6: the number of separate donations made to either via freecycle or to a … Continue reading Month in Numbers | March

Secret London | The British Dental Association Museum

Tucked away behind the madness that is Oxford Streetis the tiny museum of the British Dental Association.Given that the Boy Child had a dental check-up on Tuesdayand I am into week three of braces wearing,the timing seemed perfect for a visit. See those real teeth? taken from dead soldiers on the battlefield at Waterloo.Gulp. Pre plaster casts and … Continue reading Secret London | The British Dental Association Museum

Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces

I have a lot more sympathy for braced-up teenagers.  A lot more.I've eaten gallons of soup.I did manage a pub lunch of sausage and mash at the weekend,   but only after cutting the sausages into the tiniest of pieces.And then virtually swallowing them without a single chew.Bonjela is my friend. Despite feeling as though I have … Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces