Commemorative Air Force

An interest in military aviation runs deep in my family's DNA.I married a man with a similar interest.The Boy Child doesn't stand a chance. The CAF is one of the world's largest private air forces with more than 160 airplanes in 80+ units across America that still fly today.Rather than being tucked away in some museum or stripped … Continue reading Commemorative Air Force

Johnson Space Centre | Revisited

We visited NASA at Johnson Space Centre twice during our last stay in Texas.This week, the whole family went. We took the tram tour to Mission Control. With its sense of history  and triumph over adversity We admired the awesome rocket.And took advantage of another photographer in the family. I've no desire to go into space myself, but I have unlimited … Continue reading Johnson Space Centre | Revisited

USS Texas

We visited the USS Texas in the Port of Houston. Big guns are an attraction for all ages. Advanced warning was given, but thankfully not required.  A 50% reduction in the ticket price was offered to military veterans. Thank you very much.And another visitor obliged by taking a family photo for us.You can learn more about the USS Texas here. 

Water Park

There are approximately 12 different Community poolswhere my sister lives.The Beach Club is still my favourite,but the water park runs a close second.The Boy Child spent every moment he couldcoming down a slide.His verdict? "This water park is awesome!" Auntie thought the same.I heard Sib say to her friend, "it's awful havingto live like this, isn't it?!"