100 Days

It was pointed out to me recently that today marks 100 days until Christmas.Yep, really.I've always tried to avoid thinking about Christmas until at least October, but as The Boy Child has grown up, talk of Christmas starts earlier.  In fact, we've already had a chat about writing to Santa ...   I have plenty of … Continue reading 100 Days

December Daily | Days 4-6

Day 4 was about taking the overseas parcels to the Post Office ... no words needed.I covered a piece of 6x4 white card with the sprout themed parcel tape (which I'dused on the parcels and purchased from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness) and added a photo, a flare and three small embellishments.  Called it done. Day 5 … Continue reading December Daily | Days 4-6

December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2

Starting as always with the Manifesto.Short and straight to the point. The 1st is about my day in town with a friend and the return of Elvis the Elf. I added an insert to accommodate more photos{which Blogger won't display properly}.The 2nd was all about the tree.More baubles, an extra set of lights and a new tree … Continue reading December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2

10 Things | Christmas

I've been telling myself, in a bah humbug kind of way,that Christmas is ages away ...On the way to school this morning, The Boy Child and I worked outthat as of next Monday, there are only 20 school days left until the Christmas holidays.I admit to feeling surprised.Christmas has always been my favourite time of the … Continue reading 10 Things | Christmas

Me on Monday

It was a:an Advent calendar opening,posting Christmas cards overseas, new jeans buying for The Boy Child,  grocery shopping, Elvis the Elf and Christmas basket arriving,teacher gift wrapping,decorating for Christmas, Christmas journal prepping,walking the pooch through the park en route to collect The Boy Child,Toad in the Hole cooking,listening to Christmas music,and ironing,kind of Monday. This post is adapted from Sian's Me … Continue reading Me on Monday

December Daily: Days 8-14

Welcome to week 2 of December Daily.Day 8: the day we went to see Santa at Harrods.The tag in the middle was made from two of Ali's December Story cards and I just glued them together and punched holes.  The stamp came attached to a Christmas card from the lovely Amy.Day 9: the day we went … Continue reading December Daily: Days 8-14