Me on Monday | 22 May

It was a busy week, with a lot going on both at home and out of it.

  • The Best Friend had spent the night on our return from Crop in the Country and used our kitchen table as her remote office before heading home late morning
  • I began the bedroom swap and discovered that there’s a lot of stuff that can be given away or recycled 🙂
  • Tilly and I met my friend for a walk in the park
  • The Boy and I spent a night at my club in town
  • The Boy and I attended a gathering in Central London relating to his recent work experience
  • I weeded the flower beds in the back garden
  • I finalised my diary for Mass Observation Day
  • I prepped for beginning the decorating

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 22 May

  1. It does sound like a very busy week. Great that as you room swap & decorate that you have finds that can bring joy to someone else. How fun to have your friend working from home with you – almost like being back in the office. There’s a real push to getting more people back into the office on a much more regular basis & there’s SO much to unpack with this “movement”.

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    1. TBO and I are fully committed to working from home and have been for years – it’s a way of working that works for our family. I think TBF is up to 50:50 between work and home.


  2. Another busy week! It sounds like the ‘room swap’ is providing the perfect opportunity for having a good declutter – now for the actual decorating!

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