Crop in the Country | The Spring Kitty Boo CraftAway 2023 | Essex

The Best Friend and I spent last weekend inside a function room of a large golf club in semi-rural Essex. We were there for the Spring 2023 Kitty Boo CraftAway, which is run by the immensely talented Karen.

We had a nightmare journey from West London – over three hours instead of around 90 minutes 🙂 but a stop at Tim Horton’s for pint-size tea and doughnuts helped, as did Prosecco in the Country Club’s bar. 🙂

We met up with several other delegates in the bar and had a fairly raucous evening, with so much laughter, I ended up crying. 🙂 Goodness knows what the golfing fraternity thought of us! (Who cares!) The Best Friend and I had booked B&B in the Country Club (last time, we stayed in a pub a few miles down the road) and that worked really well. Breakfast was particularly delicious.

The Crop Room was in the same place as last time, giving us plenty of natural light and space to work without disturbing the neighbours.

And of course, there was ample opportunity for posing for the ubiquitous social media feeds … 🙂

So much fun was had, we’re already provisionally booked for the next one. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Crop in the Country | The Spring Kitty Boo CraftAway 2023 | Essex

  1. What a lovely way to spend a weekend! Back in the olden days when I was a scrapbooker I used to go to Karen’s monthly crops in Marks Tey (introduced by Denise of course!) and they were really good, so I’m guessing that a whole weekend would be double the fun.

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  2. Tim Hortons, a Canadian mainstay in England! Almost every road trip in Canada starts with a stop at Timmies. A crop away in the countryside, someone else making meals & away time with girlfriends all sounds perfect & I am heartily envious!

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    1. TH is popping up more and more – there’s the one we used in Essex and I know there’s now one just a few miles from us – with 10% military discount! 🙂

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