What’s Your Go-To Quotation?

Do you have a quotation you think of often?

I have two quotations that I think about regularly. So regularly that they are on written on Project Life cards (from In A Creative Bubble, naturally) and stuck to the office window frame.

“Be anxious for nothing” – this quotation is actually a verse in the Bible, Philippians 2: 4.6, but I came across it in the terrific musical Come From Away.

“Say no to the things that don’t serve you” – I came across this on a blog during those awful first days of the global pandemic and this phrase struck a chord with me.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Go-To Quotation?

  1. That first one in particular resonates with me at the moment! Am booked in for surgery on my nose in a couple of weeks and I am ruining every day in the lead up to it by worrying about it. If only anxiety had an ‘off’ switch!


  2. I like both these quotes, which are good life mottos. You have they both placed in a good spot for that daily reminder. Nice flowers.

    Right now I’m using the phrase “too much real estate for so little reward” on my garden. The other phrase that I adopted for my OLW this year, is “more or less”.

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