Me on Tuesday | 9 May

Tulips at the Chelsea Physic Garden

It was a short week, with a Bank Holiday and a day where school was closed.

  • The Boy and I visited the Chelsea Physic Garden
  • School was closed for a day because of strike action
  • We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs and have brunch
  • I bought bedding plants
  • I began planting out on our garden patio
  • I donated my 38th pint of blood in six minutes and 59 seconds
  • I began planning a room swap, which lead to thoughts of redecorating, new curtains and bedding
  • I went to the dentist and hygienist
  • We left London to spend the Coronation weekend with The Oldest Friends
  • The Best Friend and I wore matching t-shirts to watch the Coronation
  • We watched the Coronation Concert
  • The Boy and The Brainy One went to the cinema to see the latest Guardians of the Galaxy

6 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday | 9 May

  1. Sounds (& looks like from Insta) that you had a marvelous Coronation weekend. That is or must be a record time for donating blood. A room swap & decorating – that sounds interesting.

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    1. Many years ago, the doc at the blood donor session told me I had veins like slugs!
      Room swap commenced next week, although I have already begun to do a few bits …


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