Let’s Sit And Have A Cup Of Tea | May 2023

London’s Regent Street

Well, hello, and thanks so much for joining me for a cup of tea. I am hoping that May is a good month for us, after all the general busyness of April.

I can probably rustle up a biscuit or two to go with your tea – a Rich Tea makes for a good dunker and is usually the best I can offer. But you’re in luck today, as I have fancy Coronation shortbread to offer. 🙂 I was persuaded to buy it by The Boy, who thinks that the mass-produced tin will become a collector’s item. A collectable tin or not, the shortbread is delicious.

Are you marking the Coronation in any way? We’re spending the weekend with our oldest friends. There will be matching t-shirts. There may be alcohol before lunch. There will be a crown. 🙂 While I am looking forward to such an historic occasion, I am concerned about how much money has been spent during a time where so many people are in need.

How has the weather been with you this week? We’ve had a few dry and sunny days, so I’ve made the time to plant out my patio pots. I had a run in with a wasp lurking on the bag on compost in the shed and I came off worse. 😦 I must have looked ridiculous, hopping about the patio while squeezing my ring finger and mouthing obscenities. I’d forgotten just how painful a wasp sting is. Still, most of the pots have been replanted before the wet weather arrives (I think our new king is in for a miserable day on Saturday, weather-wise.)

Do you have time for another cuppa before you have to go? No? Maybe next month? You’ll be most welcome.

As Monday is a Bank Holiday, the next scheduled post will be on Tuesday, 9 May.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Sit And Have A Cup Of Tea | May 2023

  1. I agree with you, it seems an awful lot of money for a coronation when lots of people are struggling. I hope that you enjoy the weekend.

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  2. Oh thanks for that cup of tea, no biscuits thank you, but I’ll take a shortbread to go to add to my little personal tray of goodies for the big day – such a historic moment – thank you very much.

    I am very excited about the coronation but I must admit I’m a little annoyed this morning & rather tired of all the arguments over Queen or Queen Consort & all the guessing what would Diana think. Please let the poor woman rest in peace. Grr to a few men from long long ago that had a moment in Diana’s life; yes that dress was something else; starting nasty rumours about The Princess Royal & Camilla … grrrr.

    Well I’ve got to run, still have to pick up some buttermilk for my scones tomorrow & I’ll need an early night as it all kicks off on the telly at 4:30am for us – did I say how excited I am? I hope you enjoy your celebrations – matching t-shirts … what a grand idea, champagne before noon, how posh is that! (col). Now really I must dash … God Save Our King!

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    1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning!
      As for Diana – she was divorced so would have had no place in tomorrow’s proceedings. I heard the Duchess of York say recently that you can’t be divorced and expect to still be included for State occasions. For once, she spoke wisely!

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  3. Oh yes please to that Coronation Shortbread – and don’t forget to keep that tin safe!
    I know exactly what you mean about the cost of the ceremony and celebrations but I am looking forward to all the pomp and ceremony of a very historic occasion. What a shame about the weather forecast, I hope the people camping along the streets bordering the route have got their thermals and umbrellas!

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  4. Of course, being on this side of the pond, I really have no skin in the game on the issue of the Coronation, but sometimes I think it would be short-sighted to save money on a once in a half-century case because there are other needs. Doesn’t the royal family support many, many charities. The better answer would be to fix some of the societal ills that are causing the need for so much social safety net – and that requires day to day problem solving. And that needs to happen on this side of the pond as well!

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    1. I happen to agree with your remark on a better fix to solve the day to day difficulties in society.
      It just seemed wrong to spend so much when a simpler/smaller/cheaper event would have done the job just as well – the thing with traditions is that we can always reinvent or tweak them. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Coronation – an utterly superb and historic occasion.

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    1. The coronation turned out to be utterly superb and historic … but I do still feel that we could have begun new traditions, ones that maybe cost the public purse a little less.


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