Me on Monday | 24 April

It was a week of easing back in to a routine.

  • The Boy returned to school
  • I went to see my friend
  • The Boy went for a blood test
  • Tilly went to the groomer
  • I had my hair cut
  • I went to Westfield shopping centre to buy Coronation-themed t-shirts
  • School informed us that two more strike days are forthcoming
  • I made an appointment for a Dell Service Engineer to replace the keyboard on my laptop
  • We introduced The Boy to the wonders of Indiana Jones at Friday Film Night
  • The Boy and I spent a stressful hour filling in paperwork for 6th Form College
  • The Brainy One and The Boy went to see Brentford v Aston Villa – final score 1:1
  • We cheered on Wrexham finishing top of the National League, ensuring that the club will return to the English Football League next season to play in League Two

12 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 24 April

  1. Your Tree Peony bloom is absolutely goregous! Mine is just starting to show leave life. A very busy week & oh no to more teacher strikes 😦 And did TB enjoy Indiana Jones? Have you picked a new keyboard – there are SO many styles out there, even one that will sound like an old manual type typewriter, which I think would be initially fun. Only 2 weeks away for the coronation!!!!! 🙂

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    1. I have to say that the tree peony thrives on neglect! We’re just coming to the end of two weeks of glorious flowers.
      TB loved Indiana Jones and had already requested The Temple of Doom for this Friday’s Film Night.
      A teachers’ strike one day this week and one day next. 😬
      I haven’t given any thought to the new keyboard for my laptop – I imagine that it will like for like.
      Are you hosting/going to a Coronation party?


      1. Attending first an at home watch the Coronation -5am our time, just tea & scones for me & then off to the Coronation Tea held at/by our church at 11:30am our time. I’ve made a King Charles III quiz & 4 posters to hang in the hall. Not a lot of bunting & decorations to be found, so we are making a lot of our own bunting & such. I am SO excited. I am most hopeful that the eco idiots do not throw things at the horses in the processions, King Charles is more an Eco Warrior than all of them put together (IMO) & please someone muzzle Me-again aka D of S.

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      2. We’re having a viewing party with friends and I expect Bucks Fizz and bacon rolls will make an appearance.
        As for the no-longer-the-spare, hopefully he’ll be behind a pillar in the Abbey!

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  2. Football was not a subject that was discussed much in our house yesterday – Spurs were woeful!
    How lovely that you get to watch some of your own favourite films while introducing them to TB – I am sure he will enjoy Temple of Doom; what’s next on the agenda?

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    1. We can sympathise with Spurs, as Liverpool has had a fairly shocking season!
      I think we’re watching Indiana Jones so we’re ready for the release of the final offering later this year.


  3. When you say the school notified you that there would be 2 more strike days does that mean the teachers are striking and school closes as a result? I am pretty sure the teachers here in Texas are not allowed to strike.

    We have so enjoyed watching Ted Lasso and have taken a little more interest in soccer/football. My son-in-law from Mexico loves it but cheers for a team that is always losing. My husband is all about baseball so we watch a lot of it.

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    1. Yep, school has told us when they will be closed for strike action (I believe it will be nationwide). I think I am right in saying that only the UK military and the Police are not allowed to strike. The UK military isn’t even allowed to have a Union.


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