How I Regrouped

When I stepped away from the blog last week, I didn’t know how that would turn out, I just knew that I wouldn’t be blogging. As it was the school holidays, I didn’t have to consider any work commitments or school timetables to juggle and that turned out to be an enormous help.

Here’s a short list of how I regained my equilibrium:

  • I switched off my laptop
  • I stopped posting on Instagram (even on the @maggieandkaypenpals account)
  • I stopped watching the news (and television in general)
  • I stopped scrapbooking, apart from the bare minimum for the 100 Day Project
  • I sent short messages throughout the week to my friends and always ended with the same four words – no need to reply
  • I listened to a lot of podcasts
  • I read and read and read – in bed at night, in bed in the morning and on the sofa during the day
  • I walked Tilly a lot
  • I skipped a few Step classes (to stay in bed and read) but continued with daily Pilates

If you have any other suggestions re regrouping, please do share them in the comments.

9 thoughts on “How I Regrouped

  1. Having trouble starting this reply; solid ideas, workable ideas … it felt like I was writing my approval, but when you are needing to pull back & heal, only what works for you is what works for you. If that makes any sense.

    I think your photo shows one of the best ones, that I try to use, being outside in nature. And reading. Reading is another good one to soothe & re-group with & sometimes lead you to understanding all that your heart is aching with & your mind whirling about with.

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  2. Such a thoughtful and thought-provoking post … ways of nourishing self and pulling back energy of the world outside. I like to think of it as returning to a nest; I find sitting in our hammock swing chair, a soft rug, and easy-to-make and undemanding ‘nursery’ food (dippy eggs, mashed potato!) soothing and helpful.

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  3. Sounds like a glorious way to regroup. I have certainly taken more than a single step back from Facebook, Instagram and blogging. Had to change my email account from Hotmail to Gmail and find it more tedious to check my email now so I am not even doing that like I once did. I am spring cleaning so that is filling my days right now. But it feels good to have it well underway.

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    1. Stepping back from social media platforms is certainly the easiest and simplest way to regroup. I left Facebook six years ago and that has only been a positive thing for me.
      Spring cleaning is happening here as well.


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