The 100 Day Project | Fifty Days In | The Half Way Point

I am just past half way through this year’s 100 Day Project and I don’t mind admitting the last 10 days or so have been a struggle.

On the plus side |

  • The Boy’s album is almost up to date
  • The New York City journal is complete
  • The revamp of the 2009 album is complete

On the downside |

I have not made a scrapbook layout each day. Some days I might have printed out a few photos or taken a few photos for a 100 Day Project blog post, other days it might have been simply a spot of journaling.

But I have continued to do something creative every day and that’s the entire aim of this project.

8 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | Fifty Days In | The Half Way Point

  1. Every little thing counts. Now when you feel you have the enthusiasm to put a page together you have all your photos and journalling ready. 100 days is a long time to do something creative every day – I think that the most creative thing I am doing today is continuing with the jet washing of the patio part of tidying up the garden ready for summer!

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  2. Given the stresses you have had over the last few weeks, I think all bits of being creative are for the win. It’s hard, well at least for me, to be brilliantly creative every day, so when the mojo flows in again, you’ll be making lots of scrapbook pages.

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  3. That still looks like a lot of creativity to me, Ruth. Some days I think I’m doing well if I manage to download photos from the camera or phone … So I’m embracing your definition: “The end result is different to how you started”, and already feeling a lot better :). I keep meaning to do a “Me: The Abridged Version”, and you’ve got me thinking about it again.

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  4. Look at all you HAVE accomplished. And you still have 50 days to get to the rest. In my eyes, you have made terrific progress. I am looking forward to seeing images of your work on the Royal Ballet album.

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