Me on Tuesday | 11 April 

It was a week that began with visitors and lots of laughter but ended with sadness.

  • We very much enjoyed the five days spent with our Australian visitors
  • We had dinner at the pub
  • We went for brunch alongside the Thames
  • We spent a day with The Brother at Sywell
  • We heard that our friend’s sister had been killed in a freak traffic accident. She was just 37 years old. Her partner was also killed. They had two small children.
  • We had a quiet Easter weekend – too much chocolate, walks with Tilly and a roast lamb dinner
  • We heard from my closest London friend that her husband is nearing the end of his life. That he has been sick for a long time doesn’t make the news any easier to bear for any of us

I am going to take the rest of this week away from the blog to regroup. The next scheduled post will appear on Monday, 17 April.

10 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday | 11 April 

  1. Oh Ruth, what terribly sad news. I can’t begin to imagine how the family of your friend are coping with the shock and grief.
    I am sure you have several plans for the last few days of the school holiday and look forward to hearing about them next week.

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  2. Ruth, such a huge shame and what a shock. So sorry for your losses. Take some time to care for yourself and as you say regroup. Best wishes to you.

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  3. What difficult and distressing news for you all to have to absorb, and find a way forward with, Ruth. I am so sorry to read of this. I am sure we all wish you well, and will be glad to see you again whenever you feel able to return.

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