Me on Monday | 27 March

It was a week of jet lag and easing back into a routine.

A view that never gets old
  • A fair bit of Life Admin occurred at the beginning of the week
  • My appointment to give blood was cancelled
  • The Boy went to Work Experience
  • We booked our Summer holiday and are taking our goddaughter with us
  • The Brainy One and I watched Daisy Jones & The Six on Amazon Prime
  • I met two friends for a coffee and a chat
  • The Boy went to AEP
  • The UK altered the clocks and we moved in to British Summer Time

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday | 27 March

  1. Exciting making plans for a summer get away & to be taking a loved guest with you. Sometimes it feels for a “paperless” society we have so much paperwork to get through that seems to appear all at once. For us in is personal tax time, all due for April 30th. Did Daisy & The Six live up to book expectations?

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    1. I sometimes think that there’s no such thing as paperless …
      We enjoyed Daisy, although there were time limits when I said, “That’s not right.” Watchable, but annoying that it’s been set up for a second series.


  2. I’m sure it took a few days to get back into normal life routines after such a fun trip. How nice to have another holiday booked and to have an extra guest to come with you.
    Did you think Daisy Jones was as good as the book?

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    1. I felt the jet lag this time much more than on previous trips to the US … perhaps it’s my age?!
      See what I said to Mary-Lou re Daisy. 🤗


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