The 100 Day Project | 2023 | Twenty Five Days In

A quarter of this year’s 100 Day Project has now passed and I’m on track with beginning to tick off several items from my list of unfinished objects. 🙂

Over the last twenty five days, some days I might have printed out a few photos or taken a few photos for this 100 Day Project blog post, other days it might have been simply a spot of journaling.

8 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | 2023 | Twenty Five Days In

      1. Not so many scrap pages, but I’m made all the cards from two kits for a total of 15 cards. This weekend my plans are to tackle the very few Christmas photos (2022). 🙂

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  1. I was hopeful I could participate in #the 100dayproject this year but we have run into some hiccups in LIFE that are keeping me from making plans and thinking straight right now. I did make some winter goals regarding my scrapbooking and hope to realize them.
    Followed your link to the 2021 post about the Royal Ballet album. Are you just reducing the size of the album from 12×12 to a smaller size? Which, of course, means refiguring everything. There are so many beautiful things these days to embellish with, lovely papers. I know you will (re)-create a real keepsake.

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