The Last Thing You Learned?

What is the last thing you learned?


Here’s mine: the longer the jeweller has my engagement ring, the more damage she reports and the more she is hesitant to commit to a final estimate of how much repairs will cost.

4 thoughts on “The Last Thing You Learned?

  1. That is certainly a lovely set pictured. Do you trust the jeweler’s report? Can the stones affordably be re-set in another base or used in another piece entirely, such as a necklace or bracelet? Would you pick this set today if you had a choice? I don’t think I’d pick my engagement/wedding band set today.

    The last thing I learned was more about someone’s character & that relationship certainly requires an expensive (emotional) reset.

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    1. I love my engagement ring! The stone is going to be reset … the most frustrating thing is how long they are taking to supply a price for the work involved.


  2. I guess the jeweller is looking to make it as near perfect as she can, but every part that has worn thin or scratched and dented comes with a memory of a ring well worn and loved. I do hope that you manage to find an affordable solution so you can get it back on your finger as soon as possible.

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    1. She initially simply tried to sell me a new ring (and gave me one to try on – one that cost more than £29,000!), but I pointed out that I wanted to keep the one TBO gave me.
      I can see reaching the point where I simply take the ring back to keep in my jewelry box.


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