Frugal February 2023 | How The Month Played Out

I’ve just completed another Frugal February and I feel good about it. It’s been good practice to pause and actively consider whether a purchase is essential – most of the time, it hasn’t been. I’ve saved money, but what of the purchases I did make?

Purchases came under one category: scrapbooking supplies – mainly cardstock and glue. But you know, to my mind, those supplies were essential, and I did buy less than usual. 🙂

There were several occasions where I was able to resist, or almost able to resist, making a purchase:

  • I ignored the flyer about the Boden sale
  • I resisted purchasing more books – I noted down four new titles I want to read (probably on Kindle)
  • There were fewer slices of cake and pots of tea in our local dog-friendly café

So while Fugal February can’t be considered an unqualified success, I was much more aware of the purchases I did make and resisted ‘adding to basket’ without careful thought.

4 thoughts on “Frugal February 2023 | How The Month Played Out

  1. Just the fact that you were mindful about purchases is, IMO, a success to be celebrated. 🙂
    I tried to follow suit with Frugal February & the only purchase I made of non essential was an order that had been pre-ordered in January & arrived in February.

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  2. Frugal doesn’t have to mean buying nothing at all – every one less cup of coffee out is a step in the right direction! And you can never not buy ‘essentials’ 😉

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